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Owen Gromme  




The late Owen Gromme of Wisconsin and was employed as a taxidermist at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and also worked for many years at the Milwaukee City Museum as a collector, photographer, movie editor, background painter, botanist, geologist, sculptor, and as the curator of birds and mammals. He is particularly known for Birds of Wisconsin, a volume of scientific paintings.



10" x 12"



25" x 16.5"


Wintertime Cardinal

12" x 13.5"


Among the Shocks $165.00

By the Roadside $250.00

Cedar Shelter $250.00

Autumn Spectacle Ducks $225.00

Early Arrivals $125.00

Early Spring Drummer $195.00

Expectation $1095.00

Flushed From Cover $165.00

Frosty Morning $325.00

High Country $250.00

Mallards and Black Ducks $225.00

Mallard at Sunset $100.00

Nuthatch $325.00

Prairie Chicken in Winter $100.00

Rail Fence Covey $295.00

Secluded Pond Wood Ducks $295.00

Spring Break-Up $195.00

Sunset $125.00

Whistling Swans Beyond the Tempest $275.00

Sawbuck Bobwhites $395.00

Among the Shocks $165.00

Winter Covey Bobwhites $395.00




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